Central State University




Central State University began as a part of Wilberforce University in Tawawa Springs, Ohio in 1856. The Ohio General Assembly enacted legislation that created a Combined Normal and Industrial Department at Wilberforce University. The objectives of this new state-sponsored department were to provide teacher training and vocational education, and to stabilize these programs by assuring a financial base similar to that of other state-supported institutions. The program had it own board of directors and was created to serve the educational needs of African American students. In 1941, the Department expanded from a two- to a four-year program, and in 1947, it legally split from Wilberforce, becoming the College of Education and Industrial Arts at Wilberforce. The name was changed in 1951 to Central State College, and in 1965, the institution achieved university status. Notable Alumni Include: comedian, television and film producer Arsenio Hall and actor and American football player Hugh Douglas.