Denmark Technical College


Denmark Technical College is a public, comprehensive, Historically Black, two-year institution established by the South Carolina General Assembly in 1947 and began operating on March 1, 1948, as the Denmark Branch of South Carolina Trade School System. At its inception, the institution functioned under the South Carolina Department of Education and was mandated to educate black citizens in various trades.  In 1969, control of the Denmark Area Trade School (now known as Denmark Technical College) was transferred to the South Carolina Advisory Committee for Technical Training under the supervision of the SC State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education (SBTCE) which is now known as the South Carolina Technical College System. During the same year, the College’s name was changed to Denmark Technical Education Center. In 1979, the institution was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and assumed its present designation as Denmark Technical College. In 1987, Denmark Technical College was named the first and only Historically Black Technical College in the State of South Carolina. Since 1948, the College has experienced significant growth and annually serves approximately 1,770 credit and 425 continuing education students. As a comprehensive two-year institution, DTC serves to provide students the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and maintenance of employment as technical, semi-professional, and skilled workers in engineering and industrial technologies, business, computer technologies, and public service; to prepare students for transfer to senior institutions; to provide graduates with competency in written and oral communication, computer literacy, information processing, mathematics, problem-solving and interpersonal skills necessary for lifelong learning; and to enhance the economic development and growth of the service area and the state.