Lawson State Community College


Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Lawson State Community College was first established as the Wenonah Vocational and Trade School in 1949. The initial funding was for the technical division; the academic division didn’t begin as Wenonah State Junior College in 1965. In 1973, Wenonah State Technical Institute and Wenonah State Junior College merged to become LSCC. Bessemer State Technical College, initially known as a state vocational school, was created in 1966 with six programs of study. It merged with LSCC in 2005, bringing LSCC into some of its most celebrated years. In 2011, LSCC was featured as a top 50 community college.  President Obama, during his 2015 visit to the campus, announced he named President Perry W. Ward a “White House Champion of Change” for the work he’s done at LSCC.