St. Augustine’s University


SAU is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and was founded in 1867 by clergymen of the Freedman’s Commission of the Protestant Episcopal Church. It was meant for the education of freed slaves. The first year in which postsecondary instruction was offered, the name changed to Saint Augustine’s Junior College. The school later established the St. Agnes Hospital and Training School for Nurses to provide medical care for and by African Americans. The university was also the first HBCU to own an on-campus commercial radio station (WAUG-AM Power 750) and television station (WAUG-TV 168). In 2012, the school transitioned from “college” to Saint Augustine’s University.

Notable Alumni Include: pro-footballer Chaz Robinson; American civil rights pioneer and one of the first appointed African-American judges in New York City, Hon. Hubert Thomas Delany; and best-selling authors Bessie and Sadie Delany.